The Waiting Game (Part Three) – Taramakau Valley Camp

“On a Mish” #347 The Waiting Game – Part Three. Taramakau Valley. Arthurs Pass National Park. 18.9.2022. Sometimes when out ‘on a mish’ you play the waiting game. Whether it be waiting for the weather or for night to become day. Usually this is no issue as the scenery will provide the entertainment needed to pass the time. I have been doing a lot of sitting around while I have waited for scans and trips to the doctor, and I can say waiting around in paradise is much easier!

I had just finished setting up my tent when I heard the forest come alive with the birds’ evening chorus. The bird life is amazing in this part of the world and it is awesome to know that it is only going to get better as time goes on and the pest eradication work continues. The wondrous distraction of the wilderness was really delivering the goods as, during the evening, the clouds parted slightly and I was rewarded with an epic sunset and decent collection of stars above my camp. The windless night was perfect for camping, and with only the trickle of the river to break the silence, I had the best sleep I had had since the last time I was ‘on a mish’.

Early-ish the next morning I crawled out of my sleeping bag into the cool air and, as reward for my chill-inducing effort, I was then treated to an incredible spectacle as the sun began to climb its way into the sky above the Taramakau Valley. Mt Alexander(1958m) stood in silence as the sun slowly lit up the snow on the upper reaches of the mighty mountain. On two other occasions I have looked at this mountain in awe, and on this mission I was the closest I had ever been to it and it looked just as good (if not better) from this angle. The chill in the air made my back and hip ache, but better here amongst the mountains than in town. So after collecting my thoughts I readied myself for hauling my gear back to my car. The first pack always seems a few kgs heavier than the day before, so I took my time on the first trip, which gave me the chance to take in the views of the impressive peaks that surround the area. By the time I got back to retrieve my second load of gear the sandflies had located their next victim (me!), and this was a good reason to pack up as quickly as possible. With four or five flies biting me I began my final trip to the car and then back to civilization. I felt much better about my situation and could head back home a little less stressed. And after returning home and sorting out my camping gear it was time to return to my never ending game, the waiting game!

It Was Very Hard To Drag Myself Away From This Epic Spot!

New Zealand. What a place to explore!

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