Singing in the Rain / Snow (Part One) – Boundary Creek Hut

“On a Mish” #341 Singing in the Rain / Snow – Part One. Boundary Creek Hut. Hakatere Conservation Park. 27.7.2015. No one seems to complain when they get wet in the shower. And no one seems to complain when their clothes get wet in the washing machine. Both body and clothes are not allergic to water, however when you see some people getting caught out in the rain you would think it must hurt them somehow?

Unless you are facing a significant weather event, then hiking in the rain can be something that you enjoy once you get over the initial feeling of wetness. As long as you approach it with a positive attitude, then you might actually find yourself enjoying the experience and this might leave you ‘singing in the rain’.

This was technically my fourth trip to Boundary Creek Hut in Hakatere Conservation Park, but on my first visit I walked off the map I had and never made it to the hut. Since my night out under the stars I have finally made it to the hut on three separate occasions, each being an epic adventure in their own way. Apart from the time I got a little bit lost, it has rained each time I have hiked to the hut, and with rain forecast on my days off it looked like I was going to have the same treatment as my previous missions.

Double Rainbow to Start My Adventure

When I go on a mish, I go out in the wilderness / my happy place, and I don’t mind if the mish is in rain or shine. The wipers working overtime assured me that this outing was going to be rain more than shine.

Knowing that the rough 4WD track to the start of the hiking trail to the hut is challenging on a sunny day, I parked only halfway along it and walked the rest of the way. Before stepping out into the driving rain I rugged up with all my waterproof gear and stored my bag away under its pack-cover. Just before heading into the storm, I saw an excellent double rainbow and this incredible spectacle was extra motivation to get me on my way.

Once a remote mustering hut, Boundary Creek Hut has 4WD Tracks leading to it from different directions, and this means you can tune out as you wander along the wide and easy to follow trail. I passed the track junction point where I wandered off the map a few years before and had a chuckle at the learning curve I faced on that misguided adventure.

After the junction the track climbs into a mini hanging valley, and a slight climb took me out of the rain and into the stinging sleet. I knew there was going to be snow falling higher in the mountains and I hoped that maybe the snow would fall much lower than forecasted. Now with my breath starting to show in the air I picked up the pace to keep me warm, and this was important as it went back to raining and during this bout the rain wanted to make sure I was thoroughly wet to the core. For some reason knowing that I am most likely the only one out here having a ball in the rain always brings a smile to my face, and that smile increased as I spotted the hut long-drop toilet…

New Zealand. What a place to explore!

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