The Routeburn Track

“A Mish a Day” #59 The Routeburn Track. Fiordland National Park/Mt Aspiring National Park. 19.3.2009. Once upon a time on the Routeburn Track Ma, Pa, Sister & Brother went for a lovely 3 day, 2 night walk with Ultimate Hikes (Paul Mosley was also there). Jeremy Wilson had walked the track back in the Seventies and the spectacular beauty of the area stuck with him so he knew he would return one day. Unfortunately Julie Wilson & Jeremy Wilson had a bunch of kids and the Routeburn Track dream return was going to have to wait, mostly because of Sarah Mosley. Over 3 decades later Jeremy & Julie‘s kids were finally ready to tackle the track and the family all got together in Queenstown excited about the adventure they were going to undertake (Paul Mosley was also there). There are many dangers in the remote mountains of Fiordland/Mt Aspiring and we decided to hire three expert guides – Jennifer Pierce,Katherine Valentine & Satoshi Miyata. They took us to their big houses in the mountains and gave us a comfy place to sleep, fed us amazing meals, threw pancakes at us and told tales of Satoshi Miyata‘s magic calf muscles!

Julie and Jeremy at Earland Falls

Our tramp was an Aotearoa classic, starting with rain from when we first threw our packs on at The Divide and all day long, as we made our way past a very impressive Earland Falls enroute to Lake MacKenzie. The next day was clearing cloud as we climbed the zigzags up to Ocean Peak Corner and the cloud then cleared as we crossed the Hollyford Face to a perfect mix of cloud and mountain as we dropped down past Lake Harris to Routeburn Falls. We woke to some cloud in the morning as we wandered down past Flats Hut and out to the shelter and finished in the sun as we made our way to the pub in Glenochy after finishing the hike. Amazing experience not only because of the stunning environment but also the caring guides, who forced me to cook the steak at Routeburn Falls Lodge, and of course getting the Whanau together for an epic Mish!! (Paul Mosley was also there).

New Zealand. What a place to explore!

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