Must Go Camping (Part Two) – Boundary Hill Camp

“On a Mish” #344 Must Go Camping – Part Two. Boundary Hill. Torlesse Conservation Area. 9.8.2022. Many fear the cold, therefore the winter is a time to stay nice and warm in the comfort of your own home. However if you brave the cold the rewards can be incredible. The vista of a frozen environment can be something that defeats your fear of the cold, and it might just get you out and about more often during the cold months of winter. There is a reason why another name for cold is cool, and if you are brave enough you will see how cool cold actually is!

Continuing hip issues had kept me from camping for over a month, and to me that is over a month too long without a night in my tent. Because of my hip I just wanted to camp near my car, and the idea of pitching my tent at the Wilberforce Canals was very just what I needed. Unfortunately the road to the Canals was open only to the few residents that reside in the Lake Coleridge area. Luckily there were cars still moving along the road to Lake Lyndon and the West Coast, so I slowly made my way into the remote, snow covered Torlesse Conservation Area. Power Lines follow the road, and each pylon has a short access road, and just like back in Southland (home) on the Borland Road, these provide the perfect place to pitch a tent.

Camp on the Side of Boundary Hill

Because I was now in a location different to the one I had originally planned to go to, I didn’t go very far up the road. After leaving the private farmlands near the start of the road I began to scan for the perfect location. The ever increasing snow on the road told me to find a place quickly because I didn’t fancy having a mishap by myself in such a remote location. I found a short snow covered track that led up to what I thought looked like the best place, and with care I backed up as far as my car could go before the wheels began to spin on the slippery surface. With a view over the Upper Acheron Flat to the Mount Hutt Range I had found my camping craving solver, now it was time to make the place my temporary home for the night… (PART THREE 3/3)

New Zealand. What a place to explore!

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