Must Go Camping (Part Three) – Boundary Hill Camp

“On a Mish” #344 Must Go Camping – Part Three. Boundary Hill. Toresse Conservation Area. 10.8.2022. Some think that the only way to meditate is to sit with crossed legs and pinched fingers humming. Those who have found a passion for missions like myself, you will know that while ‘On a Mish’ the feeling of calm felt is the same effect as ‘normal’ meditation. The feelings of peace and happiness become so strong that after finishing your mission you almost instantly want to return to those feelings, especially in the stressful times we all find ourselves in at the moment. Some can go the entire winter without getting their fix due to the fact that it’s ‘too cold’. Staying at home without going camping for long periods of time just isn’t my style, so after a while it gets to a point when I MUST GO CAMPING!!

As I began to hike my gear up to a high point I started feeling really good. My hip may have been hurting but my mind was at ease, and there was nowhere else I’d rather be. I took my gear up to the high point in small bundles so I wouldn’t put too much pressure on my hip and back, and with each load my poor old hiking boots got wetter and wetter. As time went on the temperature dropped and the leather of my boots became wet paper and provided no thermal protection. It didn’t take long before my toes began to hurt. This was disrupting my meditation so I had to think of a plan b, and this was jumping into my car and taking off my water laden boots. I have spent many hours in my tent sitting out storms or escaping the cold, and I can say now that sitting in a car is a little bit more comfortable! My car was pointed at the low point on the horizon where the mighty Rakaia River cut its way through the mountains, and this view was very pleasing to the eyes. After dusk became evening I retreated to the warmth of my sleeping bag. It was rather chilly. Knowing the forecasted low for Lake Coleridge was around -8 and I was much higher than the lake, so I’m guessing it was around -10 or so… cool! Wrapped up warm in my sleeping bag and bivvy bag I had a night of on and off sleep, although that may sound bad it is much better than the sleeps I have back in my own bed.

Early Morning Magic!

Early-ish the next day I peeked out of the tent to see the stars twinkling in the sky, then the deep purple hum of the start of a new day. As the light began to increase I began to pack up my gear after I squeezed my poor feet into my semi frozen boots. I was happy to not have a huge hike in front of me. After packing up I fired up my car and set the heater on full blast at my frozen toes, then slowly creeped forward. A few cars had already bashed their way up the road so I knew my car could go down, but the icy conditions had me driving at walking speeds. Eventually I got back down to Lake Coleridge and then onto the concrete of the road home. Sore but very satisfied I had fulfilled my camping cravings, and but I knew it would only be a matter of time before… I MUST GO CAMPING AGAIN!!

New Zealand. What a place to explore!

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