Must Go Camping (Part One) – Boundary Hill Camp

“On a Mish” #344 Must Go Camping – Part One. Boundary Hill. Torlesse Conservation Area. 9.8.2022. It is safe to say July was a month of extremes. Christchurch had storms that produced more than a month’s worth of rain in less than twenty four hours. And after the month was done and dusted the Garden City had more than 300mm of rain, a step up from the normal 60mm normally seen in July. The city had to deal with ‘Significant Weather Events’ at least once a week during a very damp July. While the rain was falling down low, snow was blanketing not only the mountains of Canterbury, but also every other elevated part of the Southern Alps. With the borders now open the snowfall is extremely convenient for all involved, especially the ski fields. While the weather was exciting to witness, it was best seen from the comfort / safety of a house or crib, and camping was definitely not recommended. Now I can only go a certain amount of time without using my tent, so I had to finally give in to my cravings…

Yet another blast had painted the peaks white and following the wild weather was a brief period of calm. This was my opportunity to head to the hills, and after gathering my winter camping gear I had the car pointed west at the distant peaks, which soon surrounded the car as I entered the mountains at a place called Windwhistle. My plan was to drive to The Wilberforce Canals and have an easy camp beside my car. Hiking any great distance was not an option as my hip has been deteriorating as time since my Ct Scan had gone on. Knowing something is wrong but not knowing what it is can play tricks on your mind, and because of this I really needed the distraction of the mountains and a night in my tent (my second home).

Looking Over the Mighty Rakaia River to the Mount Hutt Range

As the time drifted on I did my best to not do the same with my car on the icy roads west of Windwhistle, and the further I got the thicker the snow on the ground became. I was in paradise and my grin was similar to that of a kid with a huge ice cream cone, but my cones were upside down and made of rock and ice. A zoomed past the Mt Olympus Ski Field sign, which is located on a road just off the road that would take me to the canals. Excitement turned to confusion as just past the open sign was a ‘Road Closed – Residents Only’. Just as I began to start to think of a Plan B, I saw a car bouncing it’s way along the snowy road to Lake Lyndon. Because the car was a rental Rav4 I knew I could get my car along the road without any issues, so I began to crunch my way along the snow covered Lake Lyndon Road… (PART TWO 2/3)

New Zealand. What a place to explore!

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