Into the Snow We Go (Part Three) – Jimny Club Adventure

“On a Mish” #343 Into the Snow we go (Part Three) – Jimny Club Day Trip. Lake Lyndon. Torlesse Conservation Area. 31.7.2022. While out ‘On a Mish’ you can encounter all sorts of situations, however running into a mass of humanity wasn’t what we were expecting at the end of the Lake Lyndon Road. The place was packed with vehicles, as many of the ski fields could open due to the snow conditions, and there were people and cars everywhere. See so many people was literally the last thing we expected, so in disbelief we joined the masses all gathered at Lake Lyndon on State Highway 73…

We had come from a place where we would only see the odd vehicle every now and then, to a chaotic scene of motor vehicle mayhem. The Jimny Club wasn’t keen on the chaos so after regrouping we decided to head back the way we came and escape the masses.

On the journey back to Lake Coleridge we came across many more motorists than in the morning, and in places the snow had been melted away by the warm sun. We stopped for a team photo and it is safe to say the team looked very good all lined up together. After the team picture we left the mountains behind us and headed to a cafe in Glentunnel Village for a debrief. The outing was as good as a drive in the snow could get, and the day out in the snow had taken it’s toll on everyone (including the dog!). After a quick cuppa the team parted ways and one the trip back to the truck waiting in Darfield we discussed how epic the day had been. Because this was my first mission with the Jimny Club it meant the epicness bar had been set very high, but I have no doubt that the next outing with the club will be as good, if not even better than when ‘into the snow we did go’!!

The Jimny Club

New Zealand. What a place to explore!

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