Ben there Done That – Benmore Hut

“A Mish a Day” #62 Benmore Hut. Korowai/Torlesse Tussockland Park. 2.10.2009. On the way to Porters Pass, after the bridge over the Kowai River Benmore(1655m) dominates the left hand skyline. I was unaware there was a hut there until Jeremy Wilson mentioned the idea of a trip and we headed to Benmore Station and started the hike up to the hut. One of Jeremy’s old hunting buddies joined us and we headed into the hills with a crossing of Thirteen Mile Bush Stream, immediately soaking our boots.

The hike to the hut is reasonably easy and we got to the hut within a few hours of hiking. As soon as we got to the hut we dropped packs and headed up a ridge on to the Benmore Tops in search of any animals. The views from the tops were excellent and I could see out to the Canterbury plains and the peaks of the Torlesse Range. We found deer sign but nothing living so with the light disappearing we retreated back to the hut, making it back just as our head torches were taking full effect. I decided to bring my new tent to test it and I was a lot more comfy in my tent than the fellas in the hut as the chimney was blocked and the hut was always full of smoke.

Crossing Thirteen Mile Bush Steam

An early-ish start was needed with rain in the forecast as the crossing of Thirteen Mile Bush Creek is the only way out. We had a quick breakfast then headed back down the track as the first drops of rain began to fall. We got back to the cars just as the real rain arrived and we were happy to throw the wet gear in the car and head home.

New Zealand. What a place to explore!

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