Stuck in Paradise – A Mission Within a Mission

“On a Mish” #268 Stuck in Paradise. Colo-I-Suva Forest Park, Suva. Fiji. 3.5.2017. Golden beaches, warm weather and hospitality with a smile to cheer even the saddest soul. The people are what make Fiji, but as an added bonus their land is an island paradise. I have visited Fiji a couple of times, and each time has found a permanent location in the good memories department of my brain. The experience is stepped up to a whole new level when you include the whole whanau…

As a combined unit of Mosley / Wilson clans, we left the familiar surroundings of home and headed for the warmer shores of Fiji. Our home for the holiday was in the stunning setting of Pacific Harbour on Fiji’s south coast. To get there we tackled the traffic on Fiji’s interesting roads. I remember driving around last time I was there, and recall it not being the best for your blood pressure! We arrived during the night, and even at night there was all sorts of chaos on the road between the airport and Pacific Harbour. While there we sampled some of the treats on offer, like swimming or exploring the beach, and of course plenty of good food. We decided to go on a mission to Suva, and from there we planned to visit Colo-I-Suva Forest Park. We saw a waterfall walk that looked awesome, and were looking forward to a change in location. We arrived in Suva to find the place buzzing with the locals going about their daily routines in Fiji’s busiest city. Then got lost while attempting to escape the city and get to the forest park. It was no problem as the very first Fijian that we asked for directions actually jumped in with us and showed us the way, all while on his lunch break. The fella was happy to guide us out of the city, then catch a bus back to town, and back to work. We thanked our helpful new friend, then gave him some cash for the bus and for his amazing act of generosity. We were now on our way, and nothing could stop us from getting to the waterfall track… so we thought.

Stuck in Paradise

Located in the mountains north (behind) Suva is Colo-I-Suva Forest Park, and even before getting there the landscape changes dramatically from beach to forest-clad hills with streams flowing through the many valleys. We paid our toll to enter, and began driving on the red clay roads that run through the park. It has been raining most of the day and the cloud hung in the trees, making the place very damp. We were about 500 meters or so from the walk when one of our rental vans got too close to the ditch running alongside the road. Within a split second the van slipped into a deep trench, and it was there that it stayed. Kinda funny, but also a little bit nerve racking, as we weren’t sure how the hell we were going to get out of this one. But never fear for Fiji is here! In our other car we drove back to the fellas at the toll booth and informed them of our predicament. In the slow and relaxed manner we had become accustomed to in the islands, the fellas jumped into their truck and came to save the day. A couple of tugs on the tow rope and we were free from the muddy vehicle prison. BULA bros! Finally we arrived at the waterfall walk, and after all that the walk was awesome, complete with a rope swing and pool to cool off in near the end of the track. Our monumental effort was rewarded with beauty only found in a tropical rainforest in the South Pacific, and we will never forget the mish within the mish.

New Zealand. What a place to explore!

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