A Dog and Bob (Part Two) – Bobs Camp Bivouac

“On a Mish” #28 A Dog and Bob (Part Two). Bobs Camp Bivouac(920m). Mt Thomas Forest Conservation Area. 1.8.2017. Of all the adventures I have gone on with my fur-covered friend, Bobs Bivvy is definitely one of my favourites. More than just a walk around the block, both dog and human were having a blast on a track we could both enjoy. If you love going on missions and not leaving the dog behind, Bob’s Bivouac is the mish for you…

I had to have Dennis off his lead as the conditions were icy and slippery as we began our climb back up to the main track. Having a dog drag me over frozen ground first thing in the morning wasn’t something I wanted to experience.

As we made our way back along the track up to the main trail I had to bash icy away with my walking poles so I wouldn’t slip on it. Dennis had no issues as his claws act like crampons, gripping the ice covered ground with ease. I crept along slowly testing each step, but as if to show off Dennis would run in and out of the forest and bush with ease, probably doubling his distance back from the hut! We got back up to the main track and the going got easier.

Dennis breaking the trail ahead…

After getting back out in the open again looking to the west and south I could see very dark clouds heading our way, and this was excellent motivation to keep me moving along the snow-covered track and not stop too often to take pictures.

Dennis seemed to have no issues with the weather conditions and would have probably played around on the ridge all day. He would run up and down the track, dragging his chin through the snow on the ground with a huge doggy smile on his face. It was great to know we were both having a blast in the deteriorating weather, and the snow just added another chapter to our already action packed adventure.

For a little bit more variety we took the Ridge Track down to the car park. It was great to be able to descend on a different track. The snow was thick in the trees in places and I had to duck around the low hanging branches. A couple of times I would stand up too quickly and knock a large lump of snow all over my back and pack. Even with my hood mostly up, the snow would find a way to get down to my bare back which sent shivers up and down my spine. Lower down the ridge track merged with forestry trails and it was here that the snow eased.

We were both stoked to have gotten out of the mountains when we did, as it snowed up high for the next couple of days and with the track already covered in snow the going would have been near impossible.

It was so cool to go on a ‘real’ mission with my furry friend, as most of the time I drive away with a grumpy dog staring at the car disappearing down the driveway. I highly recommend the track to all (both dogs and humans), and I also highly recommend a night in the cosy confinements of Bobs Bivouac. The bivvy and so much more is all available in the beautiful Mt Thomas Forest Conservation Area.

New Zealand. What a place to explore!

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