The Perfect Day – Part One

“On a Mish” #274 The Perfect Day – Part One. Te Anau / Milford Road. Fiordland National Park. 25.4.2021. Setting small achievable goals each day can do wonders for your self esteem. A mission into the mountains and back can be a great way of getting the satisfaction of accomplishment. Moving to Te Anau has opened the door for so many quick camping trips that can be achieved in less than 24 hours. After week one of the school holidays I needed a break from people, and looking at the forecast it looked like the weather gods were doing their best to intimidate me from entering the mountains. But sometimes to fulfill the cravings you have to put up with a little bit of rain. On my last days off work I had managed to sneak in a quick trip up the Borland Road, and in the small weather window I got an epic little mish under my belt…

With a day less than last week up my sleeve available I really only had one night to play with. Early-ish in the morning I watched darkness change to a pink, red and orange sky, a sign of things to come. It had rained all night, and to go with the rain was snow up high and cold temperatures. As dawn broke the rain pelted the windows of my home in Te Anau, and I always love writing about NzHikes missions when the weather is rather average outside. Along with writing some NzHikes stories I made some epic homemade muesli which will sort out the next 20 or so breakfasts. I am extremely lucky to have a job where I look at incredible scenery that looks good no matter what the weather is doing. Now it was my day off I was hoping for sunshine but would have to settle for sleet. Over the past couple of days the fingers of winter had grazed the south and reminded us that it wasn’t going to be long before we would be in its icy grip. A small pocket of afternoon sun had opened up the opportunity to partake in my other addiction (major addiction is going on a mish!), skateboarding.

The weather window was literally a matter of a couple of hours, and as the rain fell during the morning I wondered if the concrete would dry out before the next series of cold fronts would roll through. The benefits of living in Te Anau were about to pay off, as the mish for the day was to get the chores done at home, then skate, and finally a short drive up the Milford Road for a quick camp. Now mid morning, the rain was coming in brief showers and the sun was doing its best to be seen behind the dark clouds, like a kid at a concert. I managed to write a couple of “On a Mish” stories, so I was getting that sweet sense of achievement already, and the day was still young. Next I got my gear ready, and the weather was beginning to settle down as forecast. Mid school holidays meant masses at the skatepark, but I managed to dodge the little missiles and have an excellent shred. With the skate done, my final task was to drive along the Milford Road and pitch my tent…

Totara Flat Campsite

New Zealand. What a place to explore!

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