Windy-Force Valley (Part Two) – Wilberforce Valley

“On a Mish” #346 Windy-Force Valley – Part Two. Wilberforce Valley / River. West Canterbury. 30.8.2022. Fabric flapping frantically for an entire night is probably not most people’s cup of tea. The comfort of modern life sometimes needs a shot of reality, and this can be achieved by heading out camping. The majority of nights spent safe and sound in a bed are not memorable, but a night or two spent out in the wilderness will be etched into your memory forever. It can also act as a much needed distraction when life has you on the ropes, and the punches thrown by the wind were going to keep my mind occupied for the entire night!

After driving across the Canterbury Plains and into the mountains near Lake Coleridge I drove out onto the vast gravel and water of the braided Wilberforce River. I wanted to get away from the signs of humanity at the Wilberforce Canals, so a slow bouncy plod had me heading west up the massive valley. Eventually I got to a point where the rocks were too gnarly for the mighty Honda CRV, so I called it a day and parked up for the night. Due to the wind I had to use the vehicle as a windbreak, and as it began to increase I was thankful to have a little bit of shelter.

Hiding From the Wind Behind the Mighty CR-V

Every mish is a lesson and now as I set up my tent the training came into play. Care had to be taken to avoid anything disappearing in the wind and as I battled my invisible foe I remembered the last time I was here with my cousin back in 2020. On that mission we camped in the same area and were blasted awake during the night by the wind. We weren’t ready for the wind on that trip, but on this one I was fully prepared and enjoyed the challenge. After getting my campsite sorted I went for a short walk to stretch my body out, and as I did I enjoyed the evening transitioning into night. To the west the Main Divide and beyond was covered in storm clouds, which briefly glowed as the sun retreated behind them and the light of the day slowly disappeared, and night took over. With the valley alive to the sound of frantically flapping fabric I knew that I was exactly where I wanted to be, even if the wind was trying to pick me up and relocate me somewhere else! – (PART THREE)

New Zealand. What a place to explore!

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