Stubborn Love (Part Two) – Falls Creek

“On a Mish” #319 Stubborn Love (Part Two). Falls Creek. Fiordland National Park. 21.2.2022. New Zealand’s national sport of rugby has produced some very tough dudes. It is not uncommon to hear tales when broken bones haven’t been an issue until after the final whistle. I am definitely not putting myself into the boots of an All Black, but when I wear my boots I find another gear. And when combined with stubbornness I seem to be able to get myself to or back from some rather epic locations…

Unfortunately the evening before I set off I went and did my second favourite pastime which is skateboarding. I can say with confidence that rolling around on my board breathed life back into a body that had nearly accepted a stationary existence. I definitely couldn’t shred around for hours on end like I used to, but I could still do the odd trick and this always sent a feeling of satisfaction, similar to what I get when I hike to an epic place.

It was during this evening outing that I veered off course and ended up taking a spill. When the skatepark was built they put very gritty cement between the road and the park to prevent boards and scooters making their way onto the road. Time slowed down as I could see what was going to happen. As soon as my board hit the rough ground it stopped, however I didn’t and to slow my fall so I put my hand out. There are chunks of my hand still at the Te Anau Skatepark!

I headed back home and patched up my hand and wondered for a few seconds whether I should take it easy. Nah, fine weather in Fiordland mustn’t be missed!

High quality campsite in Falls Creek

I knew I would be very slow so an early-ish start was a must. Getting a head start on the Milford Road makes you feel incredibly fortunate to be alive, and for me it was a good dose of mountain motivation to get me pumped.

Falls Creek lives up to its name immediately as the track is right beside an impressive waterfall which is flowing no matter what the weather is doing. The place is much different to when I first came here. The unassuming roadside gap near a bridge is now a fenced area with a large car park located just down the way. The difference between the paved path to see the waterfall and the Falls Creek track is night and day.

Before leaving I had patched and plastered my hand and my plan was to wear a plastic cleaning glove as protection. A foolproof plan right? As I did my best to put my hand back together I laughed at the irony that this would happen just before I set off on a big mish!

After parking I delayed the Sandflies’ breakfast while I put my boots on in my car. Even with the window up I could hear the birds calling out, congratulating me for making the effort to get to one of the most stunning places on Earth. Stepping out of the car into Fiordland and hearing the sound of Whakatipu Ka Tuka Hollyford River made the mish worth it with a single step, however I’d come all this way and had a pack and hopefully the power to haul it to an epic spot. Come on stubbornness don’t let me down now!

New Zealand. What a place to explore!

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