Another Chapter Begins…

A battle was fought in the foothills of the Himalaya. Boots and body vs relentless undulation. It is safe to say out of all of my adventures this one was the Toughest Trek I Have Ever Done!

Thankfully I was the one being guided this time, and the team tasked with the challenge were up to it and went above and beyond to make sure my painful voyage was as painless as possible.

Another massive thanks goes to all of the awesome humans who donated their time, clothing or money to what was a super successful trip. Seeing the folks (young & old) get not only knew clothing, but extremely good clothing. Some of the gear was much better than the clothing I was wearing while I trekked! Lot of love goes out to all that helped us spread the aroha throughout the third poorest country on earth. The country might be poor but the peoples powerful sense of love for each other and strangers makes it one of the richest places on planet earth!!! Much love Nepal, you are AWESOME.

Cheers team, it’s gonna be an ‘interesting’ story to write about…

New Zealand. What a place to explore!

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