It’s About Time – Aotearoa to Nepal 2023

“On a Mish” #387 It’s About Time. Aotearoa to Nepal 2023. Ganesh Himal Trek. 28.10.2023 to 14.11.2023. In 2015 I travelled to Nepal for the first time to help out my bro with the charity he had just started. Active Hearts Foundation was established before the 2015 earthquake, and was needed more than ever after the earth shook in the land of the largest mountains. The overseas adventure changed my life and I knew I would be back. I wouldn’t have to wait long as there were treks in 2017, 2018 and 2019. I got into the rhythm of travelling to Nepal each year and helping out. That all changed in 2020…

In 2019 I said goodbye to my good friends in Nepal thinking that I would return in a year’s time. If I had known what was coming I would have put a lot more effort into my goodbyes. Some of the nicest people I know live in Nepal and as good as social media is, it is nothing like catching up in real life!

2020 wasn’t a good year for humanity and I got the misery started early when a fridge door ruined my ability to walk, work and enjoy living. Just like with the delay of getting back to Nepal, I had no idea I would be still dealing with my injury nearly four years later!

But I have always held onto the hope that I would get back, and that I might take my parents to the library they funded way back in 2017.

Having the odd conversation with my brothers over there has kept what little motivation I had up. And along with my four legged companion pal Ernie and my whanau, they have all helped me survive my new life, especially when I have been at my lowest. Very soon I can do my best to pay them all back in a place where life will definitely be back on the upside in many more ways than one. Come to think of it, I’m not sure how my body is going to go while we trek the many ups in the land of the largest mountains in the world, so I might still be in need of help and assistance whilst over there!

To return to my second most favourite country in the world with my parents is going to be very special. Nepal is the third poorest country on the planet but the love the people show for their fellow man is incredible. I always dream of being in a position where I can give more to the Active Hearts Foundation cause than I am able to, However at this unpredictable time in my life my effort and my own personal drive is all I have to offer, even if the machine is a little bit broken! In this silly old world being unable to work makes for uncertain times and a very unstable financial situation.

Now I am not looking for sympathy. But what I am looking for is help / assistance / aroha with getting as much funds, suitable items and good vibes to take with us when we go on the 28th of October. I have copies of my book and some framed pictures for sale with all proceeds going to Active Hearts Foundation. If you would like to help out with a purchase or a donation – or maybe some warm clothing for the kiddies (can collect within the Canterbury area) then contact me at [email protected] or message me on Facebook ( or just leave a comment and I will contact you! To donate some money straight towards the cause – 03-0866-0422351-025. Any donations made over $50 will receive a copy of my book. With Christmas just around the corner it could be one less gift to buy!

A MASSIVE THANK YOU to everyone for helping me survive the roughest years of my life. Going back to Nepal will be epic in so many ways. I’m not sure how my body is going to go, so to find out stay tuned! I will be keeping everyone updated as much as possible during our trek, or you can also check out the mission progress on the Active Hearts page.

We leave on the 28th of October so I will be posting a lot more Nepal stuff as the time draws closer. I can’t wait to start this very important mish. Mr Funky and Funky Whanau are going to Nepal… It’s about time!!!

New Zealand. What a place to explore!

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