Sore & Satisfied – High Above Glade Burn (Part Three)

“On a Mish” #312 Sore and Satisfied – Part Three. Peak 1543m. Dore Pass Area. Fiordland National Park. 8.12.2021. It is amazing what you can achieve once you get going. Unfortunately humans are very good at finding an excuse to take the easy way over the more difficult. I definitely don’t consider myself “fit” at the moment, especially when compared to how I was pre-injury. I just consider myself enthusiastic enough to keep pushing on when the going gets tough when on a mish…

The powerful pull of “I wonder what the view is like from up there?” has kept me going on many adventures, and now I needed it more than ever if I was going to get to the top of a craggy summit above Dore Pass(1390m). Back in 2012 I had got to a spot below the mountain and ever since then I had wanted to return to stand on the top. After finishing work with Ultimate Hikes on the Milford Track I didn’t think I would ever get back, and now I was looking up at the mountain with the potential of getting to the summit. After getting above the treeline I needed a rest and the stunning view needed to be admired for at least a couple of minutes. My original goal of getting to the top of Dore Pass(1390m) had now been upgraded to the summit of Peak 1543m. I was very surprised how good my hip was feeling at this stage, and now with the motivation of views I continued on upwards. The short distance was agonisingly slow as the track steepened. Above the treeline a challenging section of track had me digging deep for much needed energy, breathing hard, and many breaks were needed. I got to the high point of the track and looked up at my target. Hmmm is this really going to happen?

I had to think about it for a second or two, before summit fever provided the motivation needed to push on. Above the track a steep gut needed to be climbed to a col between two 1500m plus peaks. Strangely I stopped for breaks less on this part than when following the track earlier in the morning. I guess the fact I was going to get to the summit of a real Fiordland mountain overshadowed any pain in my hip. I crested the hill and from the col I saw the valley of the Disappearing Peaks for the first time. From here it was an easy scramble up to the rocky summit and nothing was going to stop me from here…

Summit View

New Zealand. What a place to explore!

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