Post Storm Magnificence (Part Three) – Snowed in at Lake Clearwater

“On a Mish” #339 Post Storm Magnificence (Part Three). Lake Clearwater Village. Hakatere Conservation Park. 14.7.2022. Pushing through powder snow before sunrise might not be everyone’s cup of tea. The thought alone of getting up early when its very cold would turn many off. But for those who can manage a little punishment in the morning there will sometimes be a reward so magnificent you might feel as if you don’t deserve to bathe in its glorious wonder…

I didn’t have any difficulties getting out of bed because I knew what it was like outside. I also had no trouble starting out on my ‘morning stroll’, as I was lured by the lavender haze in the sky. I might have slowed a little when I started to look for the perfect sunrise spot. But once there I knew it was all worth it, even if I was starting to realise I had come quite far on my ‘morning stroll’.

As the golden rays of the sun began to light a snow-soaked Hakatere Conservation Park I rested on my walking pole. There was nowhere to sit unless you wanted to sink into the deep powder and get wet. Another moment during a mish where there are reasons to be upset and yet the surroundings are so powerful they prevent any negative vibes. So, I awkwardly leaned watching a sunrise I will never forget.

The still morning changed once the sun had attempted to come up. It only made a brief (and incredible) appearance before it vanished behind some menacing looking clouds. I could move a little easier on the return trip as I used the foot holes I had made on the hike out to get back to the village.

By the time I got to the crib I was spent. I had hiked much further than first intended, and although it was worth it my body was now paying the price. Luckily, I was in a place where relaxing is the number one thing to do! I spent the rest of the day napping and keeping the fire going. Every now and then another blast of snow would hit the village and, according to the fire warden who lives there all year round, there had been 50cm of snow at the village and around 2 meters further up the road at Mt Potts and Erewhon Station. The road to Clearwater was closed and I had finally achieved what I had wanted to do for more than a decade. I was snowed in at Lake Clearwater Village…

Post Storm Magnificence

New Zealand. What a place to explore!

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