No Sign of Mankind (Part Two) – Double Hill Camp

“On a Mish” #362 No Sign of Mankind (Part Two). Double Hill / Rakaia River. 13.1.2023. Before I injured my hip I knew that getting out into nature was very important for my headspace and now during my recovery I have worked out that even if just camping beside my car, I must get out and do something in the wilderness once a month at the very, very least. An afternoon / evening / morning at a campsite is always a glorious breath of fresh air, like I had been holding my breath for as long as possible!

Lately I have had to modify my missions to get some of that sweet adventure action, and even though I am unable to walk very far I can still get myself to a place where there is ‘No Signs of Mankind’. Being at a location where all you see is untouched by the hand of man is as soothing as any mind altering substance around.

After my drive across the plains of Canterbury I needed a short break before I began to see up my campsite. My short rest drew my attention to the strong wind that was whistling up the valley and I knew I needed to find a location where the wind couldn’t mess up the experience.

After a small search I found the perfect little nook behind a rock bluff. The bluff was angled perfectly to block the wind, and also had adequate flat space to pitch my tent on.

Everything was falling into place, and after getting my tent sorted I was done for the day. So all that was left was kicking back and relaxing in a location that has ‘No sign of mankind’ and let nature do the rest.

I spent the evening hanging out at my camp, and as time drifted on so to did the clouds which began to fill the sky in the valley. This meant no stars so there wasn’t any point saying up later than necessary. After retreating to the warmth of my sleeping bag I enjoyed the shelter of my wind-blocking bluff, as I could hear the wind but the fabric of the tent barely moved at all. Peace and quiet in an epic location is enough to put anyone (who likes that sort of stuff) to sleep with a smile ear to ear.

Early-ish the next morning I poked my head out of my tent to see the low cloud hadn’t left so I wasn’t in a hurry to get up. Also like the day before I had had ambitious plans to climb to the top of Double Hill, and just like the day before my body told me that wasn’t going to be an option. This was no issue as the location was grand and I had got enough wilderness for now.

I slowly packed up as the light began to reveil a cloudy day in the Rakaia and this didn’t change as I began to drive east back towards Christchurch. As I began to leave the epicness behind me I could tell that I would have regretted climbing Double Hill in the condition I was in. I might have clambered to the top and then been to sore to get back down!

Short and sweet, the mish was the perfect easy outing to clear the mind and prepare me for the next challenge. And for now that challenge is rehab, rehab, rehab…

A misty day in the Mid Rakaia Valley

New Zealand. What a place to explore!

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