No Backward Steps (Part Two) – Acheron Homestead

“On a Mish” #330 No Backward Steps – Part Two. Acheron Homestead. Molesworth Station. Marlborough. 5.6.2022. If you have done something before you can do it again. I get sick of people saying they “used to” do something but can’t do it now that they are older or less able. After hurting my hip and then a long 13 month recovery, I know what it is like to be taken back to square one. It is pretty easy to give up and let your defect run your life, but that is a game I have no interest in playing! After a brief stint on the sideline I knew I had to get out and about as often as possible, even if I only go a short amount of distance…

With grey skies above we took the short drive from the alpine village of Hanmer Springs and this had the team in the southern reaches of the massive Molesworth Station. The dirt road took us to the confluence of the Acheron and Clarence rivers, and this is the location of the historic Acheron Homestead. Once an important location for weary travellers to rest while making their way through the mountains of Marlborough into Canterbury. Nowadays the area is a campsite and all the buildings have been restored to their former state. Armed with two walking poles acting as two extra legs, I slowly crossed over the Clarence River bridge towards the old homestead. At 84 my Grandmother Bev (Nanny) decided to hang out in the car and enjoy some quiet time away from her noisey whanau! To make a mish out of our visit to the area we followed the loop track up above the buildings and this gave us outstanding views. With my hernia situation for some weird reason it is more pleasant walking uphill than on the flat of downhill.

So the hike up to the viewpoint wasn’t an issue, but coming back down was. I relied heavily on my walking poles and really couldn’t have done it without them. Eventually we finished the loop and headed back to the car to catch up with Bev and have some lunch. Many steps were taken and although I was in a little bit of pain, non of them were backwards! While enjoying our lunch at the Confluence shelter the wind kicked up and we knew we had enjoyed the best part of this prestorm day. With the wind and weather chasing us we retreated back to Hanmer after an excellent day out. I guess you could say the fear of losing the fitness I have gained since my injury keeps me going. Sore and satisfied, the day had taken its toll on my broken body, but I’d rather the feeling of satisfaction and soreness, over being sore and sad! The wilderness is a powerful and extremely helpful drug, and it is something I encourage everyone to get hooked on. Become a wilderness addict and see for yourself…

The Clarence / Acheron Confluence

New Zealand. What a place to explore!

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