Pain for Pleasure (Part Two) – Island Saddle / Molesworth Station

“On a Mish” #221 Pain for Pleasure (Part Two). Island Saddle / Molesworth Station. 20.11.2020. I am happy that I was ‘saved’ by adventures into the wild. Before my big life change I was living a happy unpleasantness fueled by consumption. I liked what I did in the past but it wasn’t taking me in good directions and I flat out hated my work life but did it to ‘pay the bills’. I didn’t realise at that stage life can be so much easier when you enjoy your job, and it is even better when your job overflows into your spare time. I felt like I had lost that when I hurt my hip until I had another realisation and realised that I didn’t need to hike at track or climb a mountain to feel awesome in the outdoors…

I had a spot to camp, I just had to endure a little pain in order to get my pleasure. The drive from Christchurch to Hanmer Springs and then beyond was the longest stretch I had done by myself since before my accident and it was a lot longer than normal. The many stops were necessary because I planned on climbing a hill twice with a pack pushing into my impact zone. There is a twisted irony that someone who does something that requires healthy hips would have an injury in that exact spot. At least I have two right?!

I arrived on the saddle and a cool sharp breeze reminded me why very little lives up here. Overhead was grey but as long as the forecast for no precipitation for the evening was correct then I’d be good. I made sure my first load was lighter so if my body failed me I’d be returning with a lighter load. Probably not a full proof plan but I had convinced myself this was the way and I was going to make the footsteps.

I shouldered my pack and began my quest towards somewhere near Peak 1466m. I knew this was far enough away from the road that I would be bothering anyone or any vehicles. I grinded my way up the gravely pyramid with gravity pulling me in the opposite direction. I couldn’t tighten my hip belt so there was extra pressure and weight on my shoulders but it was bearable in order to achieve my short distant goal. It is strange to think the appeal of spending a night in a harsh environment on the hard rocky ground with the wind howling overhead was what was convincing me to put up with the pain caused by doing the thing that would eventually give me and my head some pleasure.

After soaking in the view and having a rest at a spot I deemed suitable to camp on, I began my return journey for my second pack with a feeling that I was going to succeed in this mini mish to get back into the mountains…

New Zealand. What a place to explore!

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