The Other Fella – The Man With the Plan

“A Mish a Day” #228 (Part 2) The Man with a Plan – The Other Fella. Nepal. 2015 to 2019 and beyond. Traveling to Nepal each year has helped strengthen my friendship with Dan, and it has also introduced me to some amazing Nepali people. The task of setting up an international charity is not an easy one, and Dan is lucky to have the help of one of Nepal’s greatest sons. With a smile so big you can see it with your eyes closed, Arjun Adhikari is a real character.

As talented as Dan is, without the local knowledge and skills of Arjun then the Hearts probably wouldn’t exist. Before I continue I must point out that Arjun has many brothers, and each brother is unique and deserves their own story, NAMASTE BROS! When I first arrived in Nepal in 2015 I was there to support my bro Dan, and prepared to just go with the flow. After arriving at Thamel Eco Lodge I realised my phone had slipped out of my pocket on the plane. Literally seconds after meeting Arjun he was doing everything he could to help me (he is like this with everyone!). We returned to the airport to discover that the airline’s help desk was closed, and it looked like my phone was a casualty of the battle. Arjun is not one to give up that easily, and he assured me we would get my phone back. So now along with managing the 1st Active Hearts Charity Trek, Arjun was on the hunt for a stupid Kiwi’s phone! Many calls during the trek lead to not only an incredible and safe hike through the mountains, but also the return of my phone, all thanks to Mr Arjun. As well as having excellent management skills, Arjun also is one of Nepal’s premier comedians. Not one to shy away from telling a joke. The entertainment is far from over once an Active Hearts party gets to the campsite for the night. Arjun’s evening joke before dinner has become a regular event in the dining tent. Sometimes the laughter is so loud that it draws a crowd outside the tent as well as in it.

Missing out on seeing Arjun and all of Arjun’s brothers/family, plus so, so many more legends, is the hardest pill to swallow in Covid times. The scenery in Nepal is rather nice, and I expected it to be, as the country contains many of the most famous mountains on the planet. One thing I didn’t expect was to also fall in love with the outstanding occupants of the mountainous kingdom. Nothing was ever an issue, as Arjun and the team tends to yet another foreigners problem, always with a huge smile, and a classic Arjun joke. All of the Active Hearts Nepali crew are like this (plus many of Nepal’s huge population), and that’s a huge reason why I keep going back to Nepal each year. I know that one day the world will return to normal and we will be able to travel again, but until then I will miss my Nepali Whanau. And I know I just have to be patient and wait out the pandemic, but come on… HURRY UP!!

Above Gogane with Langtang Range visible

New Zealand. What a place to explore!

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