Himalayan Trekker Lodge to Lukla

“A Mish a Day” #135 Adventures in Nepal. Himalayan Trekker Lodge to Lukla. 6.11.2015. I always order the room with a view, and from my little hut at the lodge this was no problem as I opened the door to a view of several impressive 7000 + meter mountains. This was the last day of our hike, and we all took in the peaceful atmosphere as we enjoyed breakfast, the last on the trail. Lukla is an important hub for tourism in the area and also for Nepal, as it has an airport and access to the trail to Nepali Everest Base Camp. We weren’t there quite yet, and had a big day of ‘Nepali Flat’ walking before we arrived at the famous little village. As we made our way along the trail the numbers of people increased throughout the day, and we even saw our first foreigner, the first non-Nepali person we had seen in about six days. There was a large increase in local Porter numbers as well, and some of the loads these dudes were hauling was mind blowing. Goods and equipment that would require a truck and trailer back in New Zealand was being dragged up and down the sides of the mountains, we all watched in amazement but this was just another day for these super human dudes. Another cool feature of this area was the Pony-Trains, sometimes up to twenty or so animals in a row, carrying all sorts of things over the difficult terrain.

There was one last climb before we reached the houses on the outskirts of the village, and before I realised it we were directly beside the famous Lukla Airport, only meters from the runway. We climbed through the quiet streets to a very comfortable lodge that looked down onto Lukla, and also the rivers in the valleys far below. As this was the end of the charity trek, we had to say goodbye to our new Nepali friends, who were so vitally important in the trip to being such a successful one. The final speeches were priceless, and we had many laughs as we chatted about the incredible adventure we had all just been part of. The party at the lodge in Lukla was epic, and I’m sure we all wanted to party long into the night, but the toll of the hike was showing on the sleepy faces of the Active Hearts Whanau.

Sunrise from our lodge in Lukla

New Zealand. What a place to explore!

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