Erewhon Park – Having a Ski Field to yourself takes effort

“A Mish a Day” #16 Shredding Erewhon Park. Hakatere Conservation Area. 10.9.2016 Working in the most epic ski-shop in Christchurch for six years introduced me to some truly awesome dudes/workmates…McEwings Ski & Board,200 Yaldhurst Road,Christchurch Represent!

During the winter of 2016 I headed to Lake Clearwater with Lars van Riggelen & Ben Gourdie, with the plan of hiking up to the old Erewhon Park Ski-field. We had a excellent night in Lake Clearwater Village at the crib, with a feast of nachos & a couple of whiskeys by the fire watching stars in the crisp winter night air.

The next morning we planned on an early-ish start but sleepy Lars…. So once he was up we set off for the track up to the snow. We followed the old bulldozed track over avalanche debris up to an excellent area of fresh untouched Pow-Pow (ok Lars 7-11cm not like the powder you’re used to…). We had a few runs up high before taking an epic journey back down through the valley until the snow ran out. Super amped we skipped back down the track to the car then back to Christchurch for a good sleep after an awesome couple of days in the mountains.

New Zealand. What a place to explore!

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